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Bill Nye the Science Guy attacked for debating Christian creationists

Bill Nye did a great job of getting people who believe in the unreasonable/ungodly Bible teachings of creation to think.
Bill Nye did a great job of getting people who believe in the unreasonable/ungodly Bible teachings of creation to think.

When Bill Nye publicly debated Ken Ham, the Christian creationist, Nye made it evident that the Bible story of creation is pure nonsense. People who believed in the unreasonable/ungodly Bible story of creation who heard the debate could not have helped to at a minimum have seeds of reason planted in their minds by Nye's performance during the debate. Bill Nye definitely made them think.

Ken Ham is working on building a huge Christian theme park in Kentucky based on the Bible lie/myth of the flood and Noah's ark called the Ark Encounter. The Ark Encounter will brain-pollute the minds of visitors (especially of children) to reject The Supreme Intelligence/God's design of evolution and embrace the man-made nonsense in the Bible's creation story such as God creating Eve out of one of Adam's ribs.

However, many people who oppose the Christian creationists and Ken Ham's plans to build a huge Bible-based Christian theme park with large amounts of tax dollars attack Bill Nye for debating Ham. They claim that Ham's plans for the park were on the verge of collapsing until Ham's debate with Nye breathed new life and financial donations into the Christian theme park. Christians, largely large donors, donated over $60 million in total to Ham's Ark Encounters project. Many people blame Bill Nye for this.

Doesn't it make much more sense for freethinkers to blame themselves instead of Bill Nye. If we all went beyond mere thinking and took action based on our thinking we could have by now educated enough people to the fact that God gave us reason and not religion and that God has nothing to do with the nonsense in the Bible or in any other "holy" book to remove them to win them over to Deism.

Once we do educate enough people to this vitally important fact, the end will truly be near for all of the "revealed"/hearsay religions. And the beginning of a truly natural, rational and beautiful life and society will also be near. It's all up to what we DO. Arthur Schopenhauer addressed this truth when he wrote, "Reason deserves also to be called a prophet, for it holds the future up to us (namely as the coming consequence and effect of what we are now doing)."

Instead of attacking Bill Nye for doing the right thing, we should all DO the right thing ourselves.

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