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Bill Nye should stick to science.

Bill Nye, the "science guy"
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

On the website Mobiledia today Bill Nye was featured in a short video and article on the shift of the zodiac signs over the past 2000 years. is actually not news to anyone who understands astronomy, yet it seems to pop up every few years as a “Surprise! Astrology is wrong!” article. And while masses of horoscope readers may actually be surprised, astrologers, as Nye points out, aren't bothered.

Biblical astrologers in particular needn't be bothered by this at all. You see if you believe in an Infinite Creator who put all this stuff into play long ago, then the constellations and the path of the sun, called the line of the zodiac, are symbolic. They don’t actually perform any function.

For example, Mars has always been the symbol of bloodshed, and when in close proximity to Earth astrologers suggest a link to bad things happening. Indeed, Mars has a relationship with the third day of the week (Note Mardi Gras is Fat Tuesday in French. Tuesday is Martes in Spanish. The names of the days of the week often retain their original astrological association.) So let’s say you are able somehow to blow up Mars and make it not exist. Would that spiritual influence cease to exist? The answer is – only if you believe the spiritual influence is part of the physical universe. If, on the other hand, you believe the Infinite created influences and merely used the stars and planets as symbols of those influences, the planet has no power at all.

We didn't look at Mars and see a red planet and decide it must symbolize bloodshed. It was the opposite. We have tradition that the Almighty put an influence of bloodshed into the world and indicated its pattern to us by making the planet red. The Babylonians didn't "make this stuff up", they were spiritually aware in a way that sadly, some of our scientists today are not. You can look at the stars and become fascinated with the Creator's design, or you can ignore or deny a spiritual component in the universe.

Spirituality is symbolized in physicality, not controlled by it.

Bill Nye take note, some astrologers believe in a higher authority.

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