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Bill Nye's creation-evolution debate finishes but dispute continues

Two popularizers of science faceoff/
Two popularizers of science faceoff/
Two popularizers of science faceoff/

Last night's Nye-Ham creation debate finished its live-stream on Google+ Hangout and Youtube while the online creation-evolution debate continued. USA Today reported that many people likely did not change their minds after watching the debate. The online interchange at Google+ and Youtube certainly reflected this stalemate.

The anticipated debate was moderated by Tom Foreman of CNN. The speakers debated the question of the viability of creation as a model for science for two hours Tuesday night.

The lively debate was echoed on the internet. Questions and comments during the streaming debate included the typical snide remarks but also some thoughtful questions.

Mr. Petaccio asked: "If the Darwinian mechanism for creating novel information is still under investigation, why is it a better explanation than conscious design, which is already known to produce novel information?"

One female viewer inquired with a technical question: "Ken Ham- How do you explain the genetic homology of human chromosome 2 to two ape chromosomes, even such that there is a telomeric sequence in the middle of human chromosome 2 as if two ape chromosomes had fused?"

The vast majority of these questions were not answered given the time constraints. The debate ended with a question and answer session that covered a range of issues.

Although neither Mr. Nye or Mr. Ham have publicly declared any winner, plenty of commentators will offer a barrage of opinions. Mr. Ham's Answers in Genesis will have a follow-up post-debate analysis tonight. As of yet, there is no follow-up offered by Mr. Nye.

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