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Bill Murray wears wild PBR pants to golf tournament

Bill Murray

Bill Murray made a big fashion statement today when he went to a golf tournament in some wild pants. On March 27, Bleacher Report shared a picture of him in his crazy PBR pants that he wore to the tournament and everyone loved it. This actor who got his start on "Saturday Night Live" knows how to make everyone laugh.

He hung out with Lindsey Boetsch of First Coast News while at the event and she shared a picture on Twitter. She was really excited that he even knew who she was and remembered her from before.

These pants were Pabst Blue Ribbon beer pants. They are not the kind of thing you would expect to see on the golf course, but honestly they somehow fit Bill Murray just perfect. He looked great and was smiling in the pictures of him on the course. He had on a blue jacket and also a light pinkish colored shirt on underneath it. Bill Murray made quite the fashion statement.

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