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Bill Murray Reddit interview: Rare Q&A session with Murray and enthusiastic fans

A Bill Murray Reddit interview had some very enthusiastic fans chatting with the talented actor this week in a rare occurrence. While Murray often stays out of the public spotlight, and is only recently returning to some select roles on the silver screen, he treated some listeners to his words of wisdom via a Reddit AMA chat. Murray surprised people everywhere by discussing a variety of topics with plenty of cultural and personal relevance over the weekend, and the Inquisitr reveals this Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014, the main points of conversation in the purposeful appearance.

Bill Murray in group photo
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Bill Murray Reddit Q&A was presented through the popular social site Reddit. By participating in an online chat, Murray had a great talk with some excited fans, and answered queries that ranged from celebrity life and Murray’s career to the big questions from a varied community base. Some of Murray’s clever and funny opinions through the AMA dialogue are underscored below:

The most recent SNL cast has been the best SNL cast since its original debut.

“The last group with Kristen Wiig and those characters, they were a bunch of actors and their stuff was just different. It’s all about the writing, the writing is such a challenge and you are trying to write backwards to fit 90 minutes between dress rehearsal and the airing. And sometimes the writers don’t get the whole thing figured out, it’s not like a play where you can rehearse it several times. So good actors – and those were really good actors, and there are some great actors in this current group as well I might add – they seem to be able to solve writing problems, improvisational actors, can solve them on their feet.”

The second point of interest in the Bill Murray Reddit exchange was his thought that Garfield was a rare movie made by none other than the Coen Brothers.

“I had a hilarious experience with Garfield. I only read a few pages of it, and I kind of wanted to do a cartoon movie, because I had looked at the screenplay and it said ‘Joel Cohen’ on it. And I wasn’t thinking clearly, but it was spelled Cohen, not Coen. I love the Coen brothers movies. I think that Joel Coen is a wonderful comedic mind.”

Groundhog Day is one script that Murray believes a lot more respect and public interest than it has received in the past.

“The scripts is one of the greatest conceptual scripts I’ve ever seen,” he said. “It’s a script that was so unique, so original, and yet it got not acclaim. To me it was no question that it was the greatest script of the year. To this day people are talking about it, but they forget no one paid any attention to it at the time. The execution of the script, there were great people in it. It was a difficult movie to shoot because we shot in winter outdoors. If you ever get to go to Puxatawney, you should go, it is one of the few things that is BETTER than advertised. It’s really something to see.”

Murray opens up briefly on how he came back to acting after almost leaving it.

“Well, I did a film with Jim Jarmusch called Broken Flowers, but I really enjoyed that movie. I enjoyed the script that he wrote. He asked me if I could do a movie, and I said ‘I gotta stay home, but if you make a movie that i could shoot within one hour of my house, I’ll do it.’ So he found those locations. And I did the movie.”

Finally, Bill Murray opened up on his thoughts behind the legalization of marijuana here in the U.S.

“You’re talking about recreation, which everyone is in favor of,” he said. “You are also talking about something that has been illegal for so many years, and marijuana is responsible for such a large part of the prison population, for the crime of self-medication. And it takes millions and billions of dollars by incarcerating people for this crime against oneself as best can be determined. People are realizing that the war on drugs is a failure, that the amount of money spent, you could have bought all the drugs with that much money rather than create this army of people and incarcerated people. I think the terror of marijuana was probably overstated.”

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