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Bill McClure , St. Johns County Commissioner addressed St. Augustine Tea Party

Tea Party meeting on 2-11-14
Tea Party meeting on 2-11-14
TCC Staff

It’s “a Management Problem not a budget problem”

“Okay, I agree” said Dave Heimbold , SATP Media Chairman, “Last night’s Open Meeting of the SATP was one of the best”.‘ The guest speaker, Bill McClure , St. Johns County Commissioner, kept the Tea Party members totally engaged as he dissected the St Johns’ Country budget.
The Commissioner began with this statement, “It’s a Management problem not a Budget problem”. If you have never been in industry, actually running a for-profit company, you have no legitimate right trying to balance a budget, was the general idea of his statement.

Commissioner McClure used several examples. For instance, “It took 12 years to get the money for the new County’s communication upgrade”. Why did they wait until the last minute and then raise taxes?” he questioned. “What happened to the money from the ‘surtax’ on automobile violations?” he asked. “Millions of dollars were collected, then, somehow (vanished)”, he indicated by shrugging his shoulders with the palms of his empty hands in the air.

The latest spending dream of St. Johns County is the “Quality of Life” urgent need for $500 million dollars to ‘improve’ our “Quality of Life’. This mantra comes straight from the United Nations’ ‘Agenda 21’.

There were some general comments from the audience about the County Manager’s ‘Golden parachute’, the $500. fee charged for a permit to have chickens in the back yard and the ‘Smart Meter’ issue. In answer to the ‘chicken permit’ question, Commissioner McClure is going to look into it, personally, since a disabled vet is being harassed. As to the Smart Meters being installed ‘surreptitiously’ on private residences by the FPL without homeowner’s permission, McClure gave the name of David Cobb of FPL. “Call him”, McClure said. “He is the guy at FPL. Tell him you don’t want his Smart Meter”. (Another NWO scheme)

Other interesting guests at the Tea Party were Corey “Duke” Mara, who is running for County Commissioner for District #2. He worked for 12 years as a Geographic Information Systems specialist at the County and was discharged from his position on November 10, 2009. He reported that some applicants were getting “preferential treatment” from the Fraud, Waste and Abuse Unit , on Sept. 17, 2008. Mara claims that instead of investigating the “wrong doers”, the investigation was directed at him resulting in his discharge for a minor issue. This is what happens to whistleblowers in a corrupt situation. Coincidently, he pointed out that one of the Tea Party attendees, Diane Mills, was repeatedly mistreated by the permitting and zoning departments. Diane Mills, a long time resident of St. Johns County, has been a critic of the County Commissioners.
Jeanie Moeller, Mosquito Control Commissioner, gave credence to “Dukes” comments by stating that the “Country” has denied and stalled John Curington’s, Crochet Court permit.

Commissioner McClure, who often votes against the other four Commissioners on the Board, asked the Tea Party to get involved in future candidate selection for the County Commissioners. “To make the management changes necessary, we need strong people who will stand up to the pressures and who will make ‘common sense decisions’. These people will come from ‘grassroots’ organizations like the Tea Party,” the Commissioner said.

“This could actually have been called a “Town Hall’ meeting, the way it turned out”, commented Heimbold. “It was refreshing to hear real ‘Conservatives’ for a change.”

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