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Bill Maher takes on Liam Neeson about NYC carriage horses

Obviously Bill Maher is not seeing eye to eye with Liam Neeson about the carriage horses in New York’s Central Park. In a short article published by One Green Planet on June 18, an impassioned Maher is rather vocal about the carriage horse business and particularly the position chosen by Neeson.

Bill Maher lets Liam Neeson have it for supporting NYC Central Park carriage business
Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty for Warner Bros & Ben Gabbe/Getty

Coming out in support of New York City’s Central Park carriage horse industry, Neeson favors keeping the horses and carriages. He has spoken out in full encouragement of horses and drivers, and clearly favors the continuance of the carriages.

Maher vehemently disagrees with Neeson’s position on the subject and, as is very apparent in the video presented with this article, he gets right to the point of his new dislike of the well-known actor. In a quote from the start of the video, Maher says,

My life-long Liam Neeson fandom has ended.

This abrupt disapproval of Neeson is all about the carriage horses in Central Park and their abuse. The two men differ completely in their views. Not mincing words, Maher belittles Neeson’s carriage horse efforts and wonders what compels the man to select this as his cause in the first place. Maher calls driving a carriage horse nothing more than animal abuse.

Says Maher in the video,

I just don’t get making that your cause.

Maher also declares he moved hotels because he had a room facing Central Park where he would see the horses and smell them too. He could not get over having to watch the ongoing abuse so he moved from the hotel.

According to Mahers, anyone who has seen horses run in the wild knows that to work horses in carriages requires breaking their spirits completely.

View Maher’s tirade about Liam Neeson in the video. Then also watch the film, narrated by Liam Neeson titled Save NYC Horse Carriages. Finally, the third video is of Neeson lending his personal support to New York City horse carriages.

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