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Bill Maher Illustrates the Make-Believe World of Liberals!

This past weekend on his HBO show, host Bill Maher suggested that conservatives were fine with the federal government until five years ago after Barack Obama was elected to the presidency. The headline of a video clip on the Real Clear Politics website of Maher's statements stated, "Why Were Conservatives Okay With Government Up Until Five Years Ago?"

While Maher never actually posed that question verbatim, some of his other statements and questions lead to the summary contained in the headline. The video clip can be found here. For those who cannot handle the video, here are a couple of samples of Maher's commentary from the segment:

Why was everything okay until five years ago? I hate to make everything racial, but what happened like five years ago? Who got elected around then that seems to have changed everything?


Somehow just five years ago, everything was going great until then, until Obama got elected, and then suddenly we have to overthrow the government.

First of all, at least Maher admits that he makes everything racial. But him saying that he hates doing that is kind of like an NBC executive saying that he hates doctoring audio tapes to make Hispanic Floridians sound like they are racist. Clearly he loves doing it because he even admits that he does it with everything!

Second, has Maher been stuck with no oxygen in the Playboy mansion grotto for the past few decades because he seems to be very behind on his news. Had he come out for some air he might remember this blast from the past quote:

Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.

That line was uttered by President Ronald Reagan during his first inaugural speech in 1981. So that Maher fans do not need to do any math, that was over 33 years ago from today or 28 years longer than just five years ago.

Not convinced yet? Maher should watch this YouTube video of a Barry Goldwater campaign commercial from 1964 in which Goldwater discusses the "big trouble with big, inflationary government." That commercial was made about 50 years ago.

But in Maher's mind, like in that of many liberals, nothing else existed before Obama. One would have to believe that conservatives loved Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, LBJ, FDR, and even JFK, but then suddenly started disliking big government only after Obama was elected. This is part of the make-believe world in which Maher and other liberals like him live.

Conservatives have always disliked big, intrusive government. They disliked it 50 years ago with Goldwater and 33 years ago with Reagan, and there has certainly been nothing that the federal government has done to inspire confidence in or appreciation for it since those past eras. Just in the past two years the American people have learned that the IRS has been politicized, the intelligence community is spying on innocent Americans and the VA is allowing the nation's heroic veterans to die while waiting for treatment from its government-run healthcare system.

In light of all those revelations, maybe all Americans should join Maher and his liberal friends by pretending to live in a make-believe world where none of those issues actually exist, or maybe they could all just become members of the liberal media. Unfortunately they still have over two and a half years of post-Obama reality to deal with and that means two and a half more years of people like Maher making everything racial and making everything up.

Rob Binsrick

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