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Bill Maher and the Left's racial bigotry charge called bullsh*t by conservatives

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Bill Maher and his fellow Lefties continue to claim that the TEA Party's opposition to Barack Obama is more about race than policy. Forget that it has only been conservatives who oppose excessive government spending under every president. Forget that the title of TEA Party was born when Obama signed the first $1.5 trillion deficit budget (that four years later he blamed on Bush and claimed his predecessor made that budget). Forget that he rammed the ObamaCare tax scam down everyone's collective throats before they could read it.

The truth is that the racists are not those who oppose Obama, but those who voted for him for no reason other than that he is “a clean, articulate black man,” whose only talent is that he reads a teleprompter well, and whose only skill is that he can lie without conscience. Ask any liberal what made Obama qualified to be president and there is nothing they can produce to recommend him for any job, let alone leader of the free world. Did he have any experience as an executive? As a leader? How about as a businessman? Or even as an employee?

He says he was Constitutional professor, but he certainly shows no sign that he understands the Constitution. He says he was a Community Organizer, but he shows no skill at organizing anything besides stirring up protests by radical agitators. He says he is for the working man and the American Dream, but he has killed more jobs, crushed more dreams, and prompted more greed and class envy than any man in American history. He says he is a Christian but institutes policies and promotes agendas that are all anti-Christian.

The true racists in America are not those who oppose Obama because he's black, but those who endorse him because he's black. They completely ignore the fact that he is half white! They completely ignore the fact he was raised as a Moslem in a foreign Islamist country. And they ignore the fact that he is a pathological liar.

The bottom line is that; anyone who believes opposition to Obama has ANY basis in race believes that, if a white man were doing the same thing, the TEA Party movement would never have started. And anyone who believes that is a blathering fool and blithering idiot. Bill Maher, that means you.

Bill Kristol says “bullsh*t” to Maher’s assertion the TEA Party is about racism