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Bill Keller challenges "gutless blasphemous coward" Bill Maher to a debate

Bill Keller
Bill Keller

On March 17, 2014, Rev. Bill Keller, Internet Evangelist and the founder of, responded to Bill Maher's criticism of Americans who believe in the Biblical flood of Noah by challenging him to a debate.

Keller also offered a preview of what Maher can expect, which likely won't have done anything to deter Maher from accepting the challenge.

Much like Bryan Fischer, Keller doesn't know how to respond to ridicule of his religion except to kick and scream that the American Taliban's almighty flunky will smite Maher one day.

"According to the Bible, like everyone who reject God's free gift of everlasting life through faith in Jesus who died for the sins of all mankind, the moment Maher takes his last breath he will be cast into the flames of hell for all eternity," Keller threatened, "not because God is a 'psychotic mass murderer,' but because He is a holy God man has been separated from because of his sins and rebellion toward God. I find it somewhat amusing that Maher, who supports and sees nothing wrong with slaughtering innocent babies, has a problem with God 'drowning babies' as part of His judgment on sinful man which is what brought about the great flood of Noah."

That evidently wasn't stupid enough for Keller, as he continued on to accuse Maher of being Satanic.

"Maher, like his hero Satan, is a typical gutless wonder who bravely runs his mouth when unopposed," he ranted, "but is a true coward when it comes to defending his blasphemous beliefs against someone who can articulate a case for the Christian faith like myself.

"That is why his guests are the hosts from MSNBC who nobody watches, others who agree with is beliefs, along a 'token' from the other side of the political spectrum who isn't equipped or willing to mentally battle him and his guests as they mock God, Christ, the Bible, and Christians in general.

"I actually pray for Maher each day, since Jesus died for his sins just like He did mine. Having debated in the media and public forums all of the top supporters of killing babies, the homosexual agenda including gay marriage and adoption, atheists, apologists for cults like Mormonism and Scientology, leading Imam's from the false religion of Islam, guys like Maher are great when they can spew their blasphemy unopposed. However, when faced with someone like myself who can clearly articulate the Christian faith, their lies are exposed and beliefs fall apart. That is why I am Maher's worst nightmare and he will hide like the coward he is!"

The debate likely will not happen, and not because Maher is a coward like Keller insists. It's because Keller has already well demonstrated, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that he is not interested in having an actual discussion, and that the end result of such a debate will just be Keller screaming that the debate moderator is going to burn in Hell too.

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