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Bill & Jen renew their vows in The Little Couple season finale

Bill Klein & Jennifer Arnold, AKA: The Little Couple
Photo by Neilson Barnard

On Tuesday, June 17, 2014, TLC's The Little Couple concluded with Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold renewing their marriage vows in an elaborate ceremony planned in secret for Jen's 40th birthday.

In the build up to this finale, Bill stated to have been setting it up weeks in advance. This included acquiring a customized dress from Jen's tailor, flying out all of their friends and family from all across America to be in attendance (including one aunt that had previously last been on a plane over thirty years ago), and even choreographing a flash mob-style dance routine with them.

Bill even went the extra mile and made the marriage ceremony a second surprise in a series of two. He had previously deflected suspicion that he was going to propose to her with a second ring by planning a quiet weekend getaway at the beach and gifting her with "over the hill" gag gifts like a feather boa and a doughnut pillow.

It may have seemed extravagant given that they had only been together for five years, but taking into account everything that had happened during that final year, it must have seemed much longer.

In 2013, Bill and Jen, who had previously been unsuccessful with fertility treatments, adopted two children from overseas. In March, they adopted a son, William, from China, and in October, also adopted a daughter, Zoey, from India.

Also, while in the process of adopting Zoey, Jen fell ill, and in December, revealed that she was diagnosed with stage 4 choriocarcinoma, a rare form of cancer (Jen is now in remission).

By the conclusion of this sixth season, Bill had both started his family and simultaneously feared he would lose the person he started it with. With this in mind, it's easy to understand why this fifth year was so special to him.

All this speaks to the true heart, and the appeal, of The Little Couple. Notice that, not once during the entire review thus far, has the significance of the show's title ever been mentioned: Bill, Jen and both of their children all have dwarfism.

So many reality TV shows today are far too eager to resort to exploitation -- to exaggerating the shortcomings of their participants for the purpose of being pointed and laughed at (I'm looking at you Honey Boo Boo).

In contrast, Bill and Jen only ever draw attention to their reduced stature for the purpose of raising awareness. The Little Couple is, first and foremost, about their otherwise normal lives and the most heartwarming moments of it.

This is a rare sight in an entertainment medium that otherwise practically endeavors to be as trashy as possible, and a breath of fresh air for everyone weary of the over-indulgence of self-declared celebrities with low IQs and monumental egos.

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