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Bill Handle on the law commentary for Saturday October 10, 2009

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To the woman who called in and stated the paperboy was delivering extra papers while not ordering the service:

MY ADVICE: Since the paperboy is insistent on his delivery and consistently while you are away, my guess is he and his friends already have access to a credit card of yours or a checking account stub (found in your trashcan) and waiting for you to call up and make a deal that will sufficently suffice for all included. 

While you still have funds and friends, I would advise you as Bill Handle did not to waste your money and instead find another place to live or cash in your assets and stay in three to five star hotels and visit with friends and family on your days off (KFI Los Angeles).  

The new policy for the university of phoenix for the upcoming academic year 2009 is to reject admissions of those serving the military and their families while openly accepting using substance abusers. The controversey has long been standing and finally sources unable to speak in public are confirming their stand on drug use.

Baby Boomers who are caregivers of their aging parents must be aware of outsiders coming into the home to care for their loving parents. It is imperative to gather all legal papers such as titles to house, cars and other large assets along with credit cards, bank statements, social security cards and medical insurance. All of these documents need to be placed in a locked HON file cabinet if left on the grounds while services are performed. These documents are safer at the place of service or in another locked room than in a safe deposit box at the bank. Another acceptable place is off the premises at one of the siblings residences. This extra care in this vital procedure will save the family many undue conflicts and unnecessary arbitrations due to careless organizing and prioritizing.

I agree with Governor Arnold Swartzennagger that we should quickly release 27,000 non-violent inmates but with a small added clause of precaution and sound judgment. We in California agree as long as  each one of the released felons returns to his native country, whether Mexico, Canada, Bangladesh or just plain Arkansas and allow their governor to choose whether it is a good idea to let loose these chosen non-violent (almost) ex-felon offenders. 

 Please feel free to leave a comment about any of the topics mentioned above. 

Thank you and have a nice day.