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Bill Gates outlines the mindset of A.I. for jobs in the future

Bill Gates is in Washington D.C. this week at The American Enterprise Institute and spoke on Thursday about the future in 20 years. The mindset of the government and people have not adjusted to view the future even though technology is exploding this decade into a world of the Internet of Things and the propulsion into artificial intelligence according to Bill Gates' analysis of technology and lifestyle in the future, reports the Business Insider Thursday.

His presentation was infused with the tech slang term, ‘bots’ or a more gentle term, ‘software substitution.’ It translates to the changing job market that will make extinct the jobs to be replaced by the automated world run by computers and robots with A.I. or artificial intelligence.

Technology will provide medical check-ups through digital tests taken at home and read in a lab across town or country. Certain skill sets can be replaced such as self-driving cars, so no longer a need for taxi drivers or limousine service personnel driving.

Offices will not be filled with administrative bookkeeping and accounting personnel, as there is no need when artificial intelligence can run through a scenario and learns the tasks.

A study done at the University of Oxford in the U.K. forecasts half of the jobs in American will be replaced by robots and computers of artificial intelligence, A.I. The nurses, cab drivers, accountants and others than can be programed and developed in smart technology. The change will turn the socio-economic system and culture within a couple of decades according to Carl Benedikt Frey of Oxford who co-authored the study that forecasts how rapidly this will change lives.

There are 702 occupations that will be affected by automation into the future of A.I. and robots according to Frey and his co-author, Michael Osborne, of the study. Frey who is a Ph.D. in economics was surprised how easily the algorithm replaced the loan officer. The loan officer was predicted with a 98% probability of replacement. A safer position at only 11% probability was journalists. Surgeons were at the lowest probability along with elementary school teachers.

At least from Gates' speech there are a couple of decades to re-set the mindset and prepare for the new occupation. Preparing the next generation for college would be beneficial to take science and math courses for a medical profession in surgery and basic math and English skills for a career in teaching. Preparation will meet opportunity in the future and Gates educates government and people to be prepared to embrace the brave new world of artificial intelligence.

To view more about changes in lifestyle and culture due to technology see the list below in the Author’s suggestions and view the video atop this article of an interview with A.I. developer, inventor & author, Ray Kurzweil.

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