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Bill Federer: Atheists may kill Christians if they take over the military

Bill Federer
Bill Federer
AFA / Focal Point

On March 27, 2014, Bill Federer made an appearance on the "Pray In Jesus Name" program with fellow American Taliban conspiracy theorist Gordon Klingenschmitt to (what else) peddle conspiracy theories for the American Taliban.

This time, Klingenschmitt and Federer voiced their "concerns" over what might happen if Atheists take over the military.

"We ask ourselves," Federer said, "will the people that are pushing [an anti-Christian agenda], once they get in charge of the guns, do we really expect them to be more tolerant than they are now? Or, will they be tempted to use their new powers to force their agenda?"

Federer proceeded to insist that recent history shows that leaders like Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao had no hesitation about using their "atheistic military" to kill tens of millions of their own people (while, of course, ignoring the countless leaders who used their "Christian military" to do the exact same thing).

"So we see that terrible things can happen when you get a military that no longer has a belief that every person is sacred because they're made in the image of God," said Federer, "it just becomes a tool to push an agenda. And so this is a concern a lot of people have."

This once again ties into the American Taliban's favorite talking point: The insistence that anyone opposed to the establishment of an American Theocracy is not only anti-Christian, but that they can be counted on to do to Christians the exact same things the American Taliban wishes it could do to non-Christians.

It was a big fat load of bull the first time they tried to lobby it into being accepted as fact, and all the constant chanting of it since then has not magically willed it into reality since then.

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