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Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy rumors: Lions, Redskins still in the hunt?

Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy rumors: Lions, Redskins still in the hunt?
Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy rumors: Lions, Redskins still in the hunt?
Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Tony Dungy and Bill Cowher rumors won’t end until every NFL team that fired their head coach officially hires a new one. However it’s hard to tell if Cowher and Dungy are playing a cat and mouse game when it comes to returning to the NFL

If a coach doesn’t want to coach anymore, they usually come right out and say it.

However, Cowher and Dungy keep leaving the seed of doubt or as they say the “window still cracked open” a bit when they asked if they would return in 2014.

According to NBC sports on Jan. 3 Cowher said on CBS this morning:

“I’ve never closed the door,” Cowher said. “But it’s highly unlikely any time in the near future you’ll see me coach.”

In other words either the offers aren’t good enough or the right team hasn’t thrown their hat in the mix. Cower still has the passion to coach and he mentions that quite a bit, but for whatever reason the final push hasn't happened.

The Redskins have reported that they have talked to Cowher twice, yet Cowher said he hasn't talked to anyone. Well it doesn't take a genius to know someone isn't telling the truth here.

As for former Tampa Bay and Indianapolis coach Tony Dungy, his words on the Dan Patrick show had Lions fans buzzing today, well for a moment that is.

According to a report on Jan. 3 the Michigan born Dungy said he would take the Lions job in a second – that is if he were still coaching.

"I will tell you this, I think the best job out there is the Detroit Lions," Dungy said Friday morning in an interview on The Dan Patrick Show. "That's the job I would want."

Detroiters just want to focus on the last quote, "That's the job I would want."

It's here for you coach Dungy, and the fans (and probably the owners) are waiting with open arms.

How about that on your resume coach? Hometown son Tony Dungy brings Lions first Super Bowl title ever!

If that happened Dungy could run for Mayor, Governor, or whatever else he wanted and he would win hands down. These two former great coaches are saying thanks but no thanks, but where's there's smoke, there may be fire.

Do you think these two coaches will jump back in to the NFL game soon?

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