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Bill Clinton's heart is 'younger' than it was ten years ago

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Former President Bill Clinton's heart is "ten years younger" than it was ten years ago, according to the former President's daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Ms. Clinton said that the former President' s doctor stated that his heart is "much younger" now as a result of changing both his diet and his lifestyle, according to ABC News on March 17.

In addition to being a vegetarian, Mr. Clinton now is quite an exercise enthusiast, walking at least four times a week "wherever he is in the world." During his Presidency, Mr. Clinton often jogged around the White House grounds; although he weighed more and still was a meat eater. With his new diet and exercise program, Clinton has lost over 30 pounds, feels healthier and is committed to helping other men. Mr. Clinton has committed himself to being "an advocate for other men" to go to the doctor when they first start to feel sick so that they can get the help they need and make the necessary lifestyle changes.

Ms. Clinton said that her father chose to make these changes on his own without any urging from her or her mother, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Ms. Clinton attributed her father's change of lifestyle to the "sobering" effects of experiencing a quadruple bypass.

Chelsea Clinton only was twelve years old when her father became President. She was the only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and is the only person to be a child of both a President and a Secretary of State. She now is pursing her doctorate at the University of Oxford and is a correspondent for NBC News.