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Bill Clinton reveals his concerns about aliens on Jimmy Kimmel

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It is no secret that the concept of an alien invasion has been the premise for a countless number of movies. Not surprisingly, there are many people that have been spooked by the idea of a conquering alien force. In fact, this includes former presidents. According to an April 3 story by E! Online, President Bill Clinton recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and discussed some of his personal concerns about aliens.

During the interview, the former president revealed that when he first took office he had the secretive military installation known as Area 51 investigated. Additionally, he had every file related to the events that allegedly occurred at this base reviewed. Many have found his surprising paranoia about the possibility of alien life on Earth endearing.

After his thorough investigation, Bill Clinton has decided that alien life has not yet visited Earth, but he would not be surprised if it did. To that end, he just hope its a peaceful encounter.

I just hope it's not like Independence Day the movie, that it's a conflict. Although, that may be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours. If they're out there, think of how all the differences among people on Earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader." - Bill Clinton