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Bill Clinton has a new girl friend code named 'Energizer'

Former President Bill Clinton
Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

According to a Monday story in the New York Post, former President Bill Clinton has another girl friend. This is according to a new book, “First Family Detail,” by Ronald Kessler, based on interviews with Secret Service agents. Apparently Clinton, whose presidency was so blighted by a number of sex scandals, including that involving intern Monica Lewinsky, has not lost his roving eye or his tendency to reckless behavior.

The girl friend in question has the unofficial Secret Service code name of “Energizer” and is described as a buxom blond. The Secret Service has special procedures for her when she shows up in an SUV at the Clinton house in Westchester, sometimes minutes after Hillary Clinton leaves. She is waved through without comment.

“Energizer” often returns the courtesy extended to her by Bill Clinton’s Secret Service detail by bringing them cookies. Also Hillary’s detail colludes with Bill’s detail to give warning when Ms. Clinton is headed back to the house so that “Energizer” can be bundled out without she and Mr. Clinton being caught in flagrante delicto. Hillary is very often nasty to her detail, acting hostile to anyone in law enforcement and in the military. Her detail has apparently returned the favor by helping Bill cover up his latest dalliances.

What happens next can only be speculated about. From past experience what is likely happening in the Clinton household involves angry accusations and heated denials. Perhaps another lamp has been thrown. In short the Clinton soap opera has begun again.

The revelation does have serious implications for a possible Hillary Clinton run for president. The last thing she needs is another “bimbo eruption” to take her nascent campaign off message. The suspicion will be whispered (and perhaps more than whispered) that if Ms. Clinton cannot control her own husband, how can she be expected to deal with the likes of Vladimir Putin, not to mention the various other tyrants, terrorists, and potentates around the world.

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