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Bill Clinton did not cheat on Hillary with Elizabeth Hurley: Tom Sizemore lied

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The audiotape of Tom Sizemore telling his friends about an affair between Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Hurley was real. But Tom’s story was a lie and he has issued a public apology to everyone involved. Hours after the Bill Clinton - Elizabeth Hurley story went viral, an embarrassed Tom Sizemore confessed that his story about Bill Clinton’s infidelity was false and apologized. News reports on Feb. 6 from Us magazine, and on Feb. 5 from the Huffington Post and Radar Online carry Tom’s account of how the misunderstanding occurred.

The Ravings of a Drug Addicted Actor

Before Tom’s apology and explanation, many people were all too willing to believe his elaborately detailed story of Clinton cheating on Hillary with Elizabeth Hurley in the White house right under Hillary’s nose. See Bill Clinton - Elizabeth Hurley Affair Revealed on Secret Audio Tape.

Elizabeth Hurley immediately took to her Twitter account to inform her 500,000 followers that Tom’s story was false. See Elizabeth Hurley Denies Bill Clinton Affair, Is Tom Sizemore Telling Lies? But Bill Clinton’s past infidelity (the Clinton-Lewinski affair and his rumored affairs with Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones) raised the possibility that there was a chance Tom’s story might be true.

However Tom’s apology makes it clear that his rambling story was nothing more than a figment of his imagination. See Bill Clinton - Elizabeth Hurley Affair Revealed on Secret Audio Tape. Hillary Clinton can rest easy because Tom refers to his recorded conversation as the ravings of a drug-addicted actor.

Tom says he hasn’t really heard the audio tape himself but he thinks that it’s an old tape recorded years before he went to rehab to get his (well documented) drug addiction and substance abuse problem under control.

Tom’s Sheepish Apology and Explanation for What He Said

Not only was the entire story made up, Tom confesses that he has never even been to the White House, has never met Bill Clinton, and has no idea if Clinton and Elizabeth Hurley even know each other. He admits that the things he said in that taped conversation were all a lies. See Bill Clinton - Elizabeth Hurley Affair Revealed on Secret Audio Tape. Tom sheepishly admits that the closest he’s ever been to the White House was a screening of “Black Hawk Down” at a theater a few blocks away.

In his videotaped apology Tom says the Clinton-Hurley infidelity story was a drug-induced lie he made up to impress his friends. Tom has a well-documented history of drug abuse and appeared on “Celebrity Rehab in 2010. Tom says he has been drug-free now for over 4 ½ years.

Tom’s Manager Tells of Blackmail Attempt

Of course a bizarre story like this with incriminating audio taped evidence would be incomplete without money being involved in some way. Tom’s manager, Charles Lago, who appeared with him during the apology which was videotaped by HuffPostLive tells how an unidentified woman made a blackmail attempt.

According to Lago, he first learned of the audiotape when an unidentified female contacted him by phone in December and tried to shake him down. She wanted $20,000 in exchange for a tape in her possession that could potentially destroy Tom Sizemore’s career. The woman called back later and dropped her asking price to $10,000. She also sent Lago some text messages with screen grabs from the videotape and dropped her price to $6000. Lago says after discussing the incident with Tom, they both decided not to pay.

They found out the mystery woman’s phone had been disconnected when they attempted to call her back. Now, under the circumstances, Tom, his manager, and his attorneys are considering the feasibility of turning the text messages over to the police.


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