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Bill Cassidy daughter pregnant: Louisiana Senate candidate announces big news

Bill Cassidy
Bill Cassidy
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Louisiana Senate candidate Bill Cassidy made a shocking announcement when he shared the news that his daughter is now pregnant. On Thursday, CNN shared what is going on and his big announcement that he just made. His daughter is not married and is only 17-years-old.

He issued a statement that says, ""Earlier this year, Laura and I learned we will become grandparents this summer. Our children have been the greatest blessing of our lives and we welcome our grandchild as a joyous addition to our family. Our daughter now faces a more challenging future than her peers. She has our unconditional love and support."

Right now he is in a really close race for the Louisiana Senate. It is a very close race right now and nobody knows if he will win or not. The fact that he was honest with everyone about what is going on is going to help his campaign though. If he had kept his daughter's pregnancy a secret, then that would have probably lost him the big race.

He has a lot of responses from supporters and haters both. Everyone knows that teen pregnancy is something that happens. The fact that Bill Cassidy is supporting his daughter during this time says a lot about what kind of person he is and that he has a kind heart. Some people consider it a private family matter but others are glad that he put the word out there.

The Spread It shared that Bill Cassidy is pro-life. Right now he is trying to get Congress to pass a bill that would make it illegal for women to have abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. It is obvious that he would not expect his daughter to have an abortion.