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Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes blow their own 'Trumpet' at Joseph-Beth

If you're old enough to remember the super couple of Doug and Julie Williams from "Days of Our Lives" in the seventies, you'll remember the "it" couple of Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes, who played the characters.

Susan Seaforth Hayes is just as lovely as she was in the seventies.
(c) Jesse V Coffey, 09/24/2012

Mr. and Mrs. Hayes were at Joseph-Beth Booksellers on Monday, promoting their new novel, "Trumpet", released through Decadent Publishing LLC.

I was privileged to attend a small gathering for dinner before the event, and spent time speaking with the couple about their book and about the writing of it. Ms. Hayes is refreshingly open and honest when she speaks, professing a love of British literature. She told me that's why they chose the Regency period of 1803 for their book, setting it in the London theater district.

"Both Bill and I come from a theater background and we traveled through London's theater district, going backstage of all of the theaters we write about in the book," Ms Hayes told me.

A very nice crowd showed up at Jo-Beth to catch a lovely bit of impromptu singing by Mr. Hayes when the sound system went down for a few minutes. Hayes showed his showmanship was still intact by singing "The Most Beautiful Girl (In the World)" to his lovely wife. The crowd ate it up. Then, with the restored sound system, the team of Hayes and Hayes performed another impromptu song, the title of which I don't know, and had the crowd eating out of their hands.

Most of the Q&A period was spent with questions about the Hayes's time on "Days of Our Lives." Bill Hayes talked about the annual Christmas show -- which they had just recently shot for the December show -- and talked about the box of ornaments, many of which were from the early days of the show when Frances Reid and McDonald Carey were still living.

"Hanging those ornaments reminded me of friends that have passed along," Bill Hayes told the crowd. "And I felt them all in the room with us as we hung them again."

"Trumpet", the couple's first novel, was released in March of 2012. Set in the London theater district the story follows the romance of budding actress Elizabeth Trumpet and rakish actor Jonathan Faversham, as they travel from London to Egypt and Napoleonic France. And readers are leaving plenty of four and five star reviews on all online booksellers.

If you'd like to read "Trumpet" by Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes, Joseph-Beth has plenty of copies for sale on their website or at the store on Nicholasville Rd, in the Lexington Green Pavillion Mall.

If you're interested in the ebook, you can find copies online through Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble, among other online booksellers.

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