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Biliner Water is good for your health and so refreshing

Drink to your health with Biliner!
Drink to your health with Biliner!
Melissa Moreno

Keeping a household stocked with things that a family likes and also products that are good for them is actually somewhat of a chore. Most parents understand that children prefer to have treats and yummy sweets, but that's not what is best for them.

I've decided to stop buying sodas and juices that contain tons of sugar and instead to keep lots of water in the fridge for the kiddos to grab when they are thirsty. Water is such a great's good for the body and so refreshing. I recently had the opportunity to review spring water and mineral water from BILINER and was thrilled to do so!

BILINER is naturally carbonated, alkaline healing mineral water with a high concentrate of minerals. Known for centuries, BILINER Premium mineral water is a well-functioning famous mineral water from Europe from the 17th century. Named after the town of Bilina, this is an outstanding spa water, not only loved by spa guests but prescribed by Balneologists.

Benefits of BILINER Mineral Water:

  • neutralizes excess gastric acids (natural remedy for heartburn)
  • powerful anti-inflammatory
  • stimulates stomach secretions
  • aids pancreatic activity
  • reduces creation of oxalate in urine (helpful in preventing kidney stones)
  • reduces creation of uric acid (helpful in preventing gout)

BILINER Royal Class is a natural, high quality, pure spring water that is great for regular hydration. It's velvety taste and perfect balance of minerals is an ideal and healthy option for everyone ~ young and old alike ~ as well as an ideal desktop drink or a mixer for your cocktails. It is naturally designed to flush out all of life's impurities from the body.

BILINER Mineral Water and Royal Class Spring Water are both an excellent way to provide hydration and mineralization to the body in a safe and natural way. Try BILINER...your body will thank you!

BILINER Water can be found in over 500 stores in 20 states...check HERE for a location near you!

Visit the BILINER website to learn more and to order online. Get social with BILINER on Facebook. Enter to win a case of Biliner water on Missi Rose's Views.

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