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Bikini Season is Just Around the Corner

Get that body ready for bikini season.
Get that body ready for bikini season.

Although it is only February, bikini season is not that far away. In only a few short months it will be summer and you will want to sport a new body. But what if you can’t find a diet or exercise routine that will work for you and get you the bikini season ready body? What if you can’t lose the last of those pesky pounds? There are many methods that people use to look and feel great just in time for bikini season.

Not every exercise or diet plan is for everyone. Some people could potentially even gain weight if a diet plan doesn’t work for them. Here are some suggestions on how to get that bikini body just in time for summer:

  1. Use motivation. Take a picture of yourself in a bikini and put it on the fridge next to a model in a bikini. This may help in preventing over eating when you aren’t hungry and help you get fit for bikini season.
  2. Cardio is said to be a great way to burn fat and calories. Try jogging in place or outside or 30 minutes a day. If you get bored of this you could always watch TV while you jog to get your mind off of what you are doing.
  3. Count calories. The typical person may consume anywhere between 1,500 to 2,500 calories a day. Remember to not go under 1,200 before consulting with a doctor. Consuming too low in calories is dangerous and could lead to other health problems.
  4. Some celebrities have been using hula hooping as a way to stay in shape. This was a big fad last year for celebrities including Beyoncé, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Selena Gomez. This is how they have that bikini season body year round.