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Bikini coffee stand called chronic nuisance by officials in Washington

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Hillbilly Hotties, a bikini coffee stand in Everett, Washington, has been labeled a chronic nuisance by local officials, according to a Jan. 10, 2014 Oregon Live report.

The report indicates the “sexed-up java hut” was sent letters demanding it stop “indulging in any acts of alleged prostitution and indecent exposure” and to “stop flouting city adult-entertainment laws.”

The Everett Herald reports the owner of the establishment agreed to cease in hiring baristas with a criminal past.

Oregon Live notes the bikini coffee stand was raided in Oct. 2013, and three “barely-clad” employees were arrested.

The Seattle Times reports two women were charged with lewd conduct and adult-entertainment violations, as police say they were “showing private parts for money.”

Following the raid, Jennifer Faris, a woman who buys coffee from an establishment across the street from Hillbilly Hotties, told KOMO News, “There was a definite sense of they were willing to do more for extra money, and the way they carried themselves with male customers when they were in front of me.”

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