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Bikini bridge a successful hoax: Bikini clad women in photos galore post online

Bikini bridge hoax worked as the Internet is saturated with all things bikini bridge!
Bikini bridge hoax worked as the Internet is saturated with all things bikini bridge!

The bikini bridge is a new body trend that started out as a way to gauge your body’s fitness by looking at the way your bikini bottoms fit. Apparently as this bikini bridge builds up steam in popularity across the social networks it will then act like a horrible weapon against overweight people, according to The Inquisitr on Jan. 10.

A bikini bridge is what this hoax is calling the space that you get between your bikini bottoms and hip bones while laying down. This trend was started by an anonymous user of the website 4chan. This is a well-known website from where some popular Internet hoaxes originated in the past.

An anonymous 4Chan user created this body trend and promoted it among the other 4Chan users asking that they also get the word out online until it went viral. They have created all types of fake scenarios to add some importance to this fake body trend, like fake tweets from celebrities supporting the bikini bridge.

This is what the 4Chan users were instructed to do:

“Create propaganda parading the ‘bikini bridge’ to be the next big thing (pic related — that read “If you have time to complain, you have time to train,” or “Getting a smoother tan line from your bikini bridge”). Circulate it throughout the internet. Simultaneously, we create reverse propaganda, denouncing the bikini bridge as an unhealthy obsession. This, too, we circulate throughout the internet.”

This anonymous person seemed to put an awful lot of work into this and thought of everything to make it successful. They also gave these instructions that after the bikini bridge has gotten a good amount of exposure:

This is when “we circulate the images throughout parts of the internet known to be biased on the subject of weight (i.e. thin privilege, fat shaming, etc.)."

Then when the trend is saturated online, 4Chan intends to circulate the images through the hallways of the Internet that are known to advocate against putting too much emphasis on body image today. The concerns are already popping up online about the possibility of unhealthy dieting for young girls trying to create a bikini bridge for themselves. This was one of the intended outcomes, to get people to protest the bikini bridge.

Then there’s pages dedicated to posting pictures of bikini bridges. Women are posting photos of themselves in bikinis with gaping openings in their bikini bottoms. This was also reported as an intended outcome, to have women fall for this and post their own pictures seen here on Instagram.

The hoax is seen as a new way to continue to shame the overweight women and young female teens. Why anyone would do this for their own entertainment purposes is inconceivable. Well, if they wanted to create a conflict online, they succeeded.

They have the people fighting against this saying it is sending the wrong message to impressionable young girls. Then there are some women taking the bait and flaunting their own bikini bridges. Maybe it was just a ploy to get a look at women in scanty bikini bottoms?

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