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Bikini bridge: 2014 selfie trend or 4chan prank? (video)

Bikini bridge selfie photos have taken the Internet by storm. Or have they? According to The Washington Post on Jan. 8, the new trend was hatched from a plot by a message board known as 4chan.

The plot was pretty simple: circulate bikini bridge images on social media, and then create a fake bikini bridge backlash. Watch the “controversy” explode. Sit back and read the media coverage. Laugh, presumably.

Bikini bridge as an Internet beauty craze appears to be highly successful. Just the mere fact that it has popped up on social media trending lists and is now being reported by numerous media outlets this week, including The Washington Post looks like a win for 4chan.

A bikini bridge is a photo of a bikini bottom stretched across a woman's hipbones. In essence creating a bridge with the fabric. Hoax, prank or otherwise does not even matter now as it has taken off.

Some have tied this fad to "fat shaming" or an unhealthy body self image. To others it is somewhere between funny and sexy. Nonetheless, this may be the first time, but this is probably not the last time you will hear about the bikini bridge this year.

What do you think about the Bikini bridge story? Please drop in your comments below.

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