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Biking in L.A.: an odyssey you ought to see

Here it is straight from the site
Here it is straight from the site

Los Angeles, for the last 50 some odd years, has been known to the world as its car capital. Despite this, there are tons of (read: more than anywhere else in the United States) actual riders of public transit, and many of these riders bike to the bus.

I have a car. But now, thanks to the magic that is the internet, I have a bike too, and I want to start using it. But it wouldn't be proper if I first didn't stock my bike full of nifty gadgets and trinkets.

My first purchase was a nifty little mirror from Italy called, yes, the Italian Road Bike Mirror. It was around $25 off eBay (plus $6 for shipping). I have yet to receive it, but it promises to be of the highest quality, something we should all value.

I bought it really, though, because it looks cool. Despite my love of gadgets and all things geek, I don't want to look like one, so a helmet mirror was the last thing I wanted. This thing attaches to the butt of my road bike handle and promises a rattle-less ride. Look forward to a review once it arrives.


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    A fascinating mirror for the mere fact that I failed to notice it in the picture until I looked past that ridiculously garish slip cover on the handlebars. Hopefully you will receive the mirror as advertised, and I look forward to a review.