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Biking Downtown

Looking southeast from Confluence Park.
Looking southeast from Confluence Park.
tg rice

Block for block there are no better views in the metro area than those seen downtown Denver. From the flowered crest of Confluence park through Cherry Creek trail and other routes, the views can be spectacular.

The most sensible routes in to downtown for short distance bikers (like myself) are light rail and RTD bus. Both are quick and cheap.  Confluence Park is the most logical place to start a downtown excursion. There are many trails and parts of these routes are less than a mile to the 16th Street mall. Please obey the mall bike rules. Walk them on the sidewalks, and Sunday is the only day you may ride your bike on the bus route down the mall. Once on the mall there are  myriad shops, restaurants, theaters (live and film), hotels, bowling, and other entertainment and education.

On the west side of downtown sits Auraria Campus, home of Metro State College, historical Tivoli Brewery and two historical houses of worship. The brewry is no longer brewing, but is home to offices and a theater.

To the south is the state capitol building and Civic Center Park. Several events are scheduled at the park each year, and the view from the dome of the capitol is outstanding.

East of downtown is Five Points-Curtis Park. A re-emerging neighborhood once home to a lively night life with bars, clubs, and lounges dominating the Welton St. strip between 24th. Street to Downing Street.

Finally, north of downtown is Confluence Park, and area once occupied by the original downtown district, and now home to beautiful parks, trails and kayaking in the Platte River.

Plan one entire day for Elitch's Amusement Park.

An entire day may be well spent on a downtown Denver excursion. The traffic will be heavier downtown, and always come prepared for the weather.

See you on the trails



  • RSRice 5 years ago

    Great job!

  • van 5 years ago

    Yay now I know where to bike down town like you do! I am always out here in Golden and the foot hills :) Great Job on the article!

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