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Biking best way to experience Germany

Cyclists enjoy car-free days near Openheim, Germany
Cyclists enjoy car-free days near Openheim, Germany
Samantha Smith

Germany is the land of the bike. This is the conclusion we've come to after a year of living in the Bundesrepublik. Indeed, where we live near Heidelberg, there seem to be more bike paths than roads.

There is something beckoning about these paths as they meander away from the main arteries, through mustard fields and past private gardens. Many are paved and are shared with walkers, runners and even rollerbladers. Often hidden from the roads, you must leave your car behind to see the treasures they hold.

Signs are posted at many intersections, noting the upcoming towns and even the distances in kilometers. We never worry about getting lost, although some paths do wind down what seems to be the wrong direction for longer than they should. The paths are not always the most direct route, but they are always the most scenic.

Germans love bikes so much that many towns close the roads during the warmer months and enjoy auto free days. A schedule of these days can be found in here.

To really enjoy Germany, consider leaving the car behind and doing it like the locals, with pedal power.