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Bikes and babies: A dangerous combination?

Cycling with the kids in tow in Portland, Oregon
Cycling with the kids in tow in Portland, Oregon
PBIC, Kevin Whited


  • Realy? 5 years ago

    Greenlick should just move to another city. How about L.A. They would probably love him down their. I hear everybody drives in L.A. Yeah, there we go Greenlick, move to L.A. and leave us the h*** alone.

  • ND 5 years ago

    Hello Bycicle Transportation examiner. I'm a subscriber.

    Just curious have you heard anything about the Bike tax in New Jersey? Apparently they're so strapped for funds in New Jersey the state is trying to pass a bike resgistration fee for the citizens.
    If you type in "New Jersey bicycle tax" you'll see. Very interesting.
    Thought you'd like to know if you haven't heard of it already.

    Or do you report only on bike news in Oregon? Peace.

  • Pratik Joshi 4 years ago

    Yes combination of bikes and babies are really very dangerous. Accident counts are increasing day by day and no matter whose fault it is bike riders have to suffer. So it is very risky to ride a bike with baby.

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