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'#BikerLive,' new Discovery biker build-off show: Weekly winner at bike building

#BikerLive, the new biker build-off show from Discovery Channel premieres tonight, Monday, May 12.
#BikerLive, the new biker build-off show from Discovery Channel premieres tonight, Monday, May 12.
#BikerLive / Discovery Channel promo

A new bike build-off show debuts tonight on the Discovery Channel. The “Monster Garage” show and the “Biker Build-off,” competition, which both featured Jesse James, was such a success that it seemed inevitable for another similar show to eventually emerge. This new show, “#BikerLive,” is like the original "Biker Build-Off" show, but on steroids. This is a fast-paced show as each week three new bikes are built from around the nation and the viewer's vote on the winner.

“#BikerLive” premieres at 10 p.m. Monday, May 12 on the Discovery channel and it will air new episodes for its first season on Monday nights, according to The Daily Times on May 11. This show is similar to the “Biker Build-Off” reality show where the cast attempts to build the biggest, fastest and coolest looking bikes ever seen on the road.

They have a set amount of time to build their custom bike, like "Biker Build-off," but there is one difference. Instead of following these teams episode to episode, the complete competition is filmed in one episode, over the course of five weeks. A new winner from three new teams is picked each week.

While Jesse James’ name was a big draw to the original "Biker Build-off” show these guys building bikes on “#Biker Live” are destined to become household names nationwide among the biker community as they know their stuff. The show is hosted by Discovery Channel’s Christo Doyle, according to TV By the Numbers.

Much like “Biker Build-Off” three bikes will be built. Three different teams will compete to see who custom builds the best bike at the end. Where it differs is that there are three new teams from across the nation each week. One of those teams in the premiere show hails from Alcoa, Tennessee.

Matt Harris and his two friends, Chase Anderson and “Carp,” along with Matt’s father will be featured on this show. This show will give Matt a chance to show off his motorcycle-building skills. This show will “give motorcycle builders from across the nation the opportunity to bring their shops to the next level,” according to The Daily Times.

Viewers will get the chance to see some of the best custom built bikes in the world. Three bike build-off teams are given $15,000 each and five weeks to build their idea of a dream bike. The team that built the best bike will be decided by the viewers who will vote through social networks like Facebook. The voting takes place every show and a winner is picked for every show.

Matt, his dad and two friends spent five weeks building a bike on nights and weekends, while they all still went to work at their full-time jobs. They took a 1955 Harley Davidson FLE, which was an old cop bike, and custom built this into a dream bike in the five weeks allotted on this show. This crew hand-made everything on the bike except the motor and transmission, which came from the old bike.

Matt and his team custom made their own frame, front end, gas tank, hand controls, handlebars and everything else that went into this bike. Matt said, “You name it, we made it.” The cameras came to the shop every week to check on the progress, but they weren’t there every day. Building the bike wasn’t intimidating, but the cameras were, said Matt.

The $15,000 given to the teams was to buy supplies to make this bike, while there was little monetary compensation for being on the show, they got to get on TV and they got to keep the bike. It was all good for Matt and his team. He’s hoping that maybe someday he’ll be able to open up his own shop.

The other two teams you will meet tonight on the premiere of the series “#BikerLive.” Will Jesse James be watching the show tonight? After all he is about the best you can get in bike building, will he be scoping out the competition from the next generation of bike builders?

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