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Biker story from Evolution of an Outlaw Biker – (series) 4

Evolution of an Outlaw Biker
Evolution of an Outlaw Biker

Country (author of Evolution of an Outlaw Biker trilogy) is allowing us quick ‘snapshots’ of a few pages from his books. Country writes his stories as crude and unrefined as they actually happened.

I, however, tend to tip-toe through some of Country’s narratives in respect of many of my readers. Most of my readers are either hardcore bikers or motorcycle ministries which seem to be polar opposites. On the other hand, those of us in motorcycle ministries have learned to accept biker terminology without wincing because of the love we have for the bikers and most of all, because of the love God has for this culture.

So if you’re ‘religious’, please learn not to cringe at what your virgin ears might hear or your eyes might see. Nine times out of ten, bikers will test your resolve to be around them by deliberately talking rough or by saying they’ve done certain things just to see your reaction; just something to think about.

Now, on to Country’s story of what he learned in Bossier City County Jail:

He kept up with the yelling at the guards, telling them what he was would do to them if they had balls enough to meet him one on one. The mayor of Bossier City, George Dement, had a son working there. He had been an Olympic boxer. He finally became tired of all the bullshit this black dude was running. He walked up to the cells little window. It was head high and if you were inside you couldn't see much.

He asked Big Head, "Are you sure you are going to whip all our asses?"

Big Black Dude, "Yeah, I whip all you mother f---er's asses, you open dat dow!"

We were all ordered into the cells and to close the door. I kept mine cracked so I could see, this was going to get good.

The black guy couldn't see the guard putting on his sap gloves (leather gloves with lead over the knuckles). A guy got hit by them in a bar by my club brother Bruce once and it wasn't a pretty sight. Another guard came walking past the cell and when out of sight he swung around and eased up next to the door with his own gloves on.

Dements son asked again, "Now I’m going to open this door, you sure you going to whip our asses?

Yeah, Yeah, mother f---er, open the dow!" answered Big Head.

Dements son ( I keep calling him that because I can’t remember his name) jerked the door open, shot Big Head in the face with pepper spray, Big Head stepped forward roaring and the guard beside the door gave him a 1,2,3 up side his head with the sap gloves. Feeling the direction of the blows, big head turned that way and got a 1,2,3,4 direct on from Dements son, more pepper spray. Wop, wop, wop from the right. Pow, pow, pow from the front . . . then more pepper spray. When all was said and done, they were on top of Big Head pumping his big chest to keep his heart working until he could breathe on his own, then they dragged him out. It took four guards to do it.

Later when I was called through the screen wall for indoctrination, I found where Big Head went. He was sitting in a special chair, strapped down. His big head was some bigger, his big lips were split and hanging over to one side. His face and eyes were on fire from the pepper spray and he couldn't rub them. He was just sitting there moaning. He sat there all day. I decided right then and there I wasn't going to give anybody shit in the Bossier County jail.

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