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People that meet Country find out quickly, that he doesn’t need a lot of time to make a person’s expression stagger when listening to one of his stories.

Country’s story today comes from Volume 3 when he was doing time in some of America’s Federal facilities. To most citizens, these institutions and how they work are foreign to our thinking but Country is a pro at giving us accurate snapshots of these establishments . . . .

One Mexican youngster that belonged to a gang on the border called “Baker Boys” on the border was caught on the ball diamond by some enemies and hit repeatedly in the head with aluminum ball bats. He was ruined. When the time came for his release his folks said,” we can’t afford to care for him, you let him get that way you have to care for him.” And they had to. He was doing life because there was no other alternative.

Stuff happening all the time, like baby oil the blacks like to use was banned, because one had heated some in the microwave till it boiled and then he threw in another black inmates face. You know what a black guy looks like after they peel.

The black inmate’s who were in wheelchairs, would prey on those that who had been forced to sleep in the hallways for punishment. If you were laying there and other men were coming and going you couldn’t hear the “swoosh” the wheel chairs made as they picked up speed, slid by and snatched your radio or whatever. Then it would be hurried to another housing unit across the compound and sold. The other Units stolen merchandise would be sent back. That way if there was a search it wouldn’t be found.

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