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Biker story from Evolution of an Outlaw Biker

True Biker stories
True Biker stories

Outlaw bikers love to make citizens ‘snap’. I think it’s their favorite pastime and I’ll confess several bikers had many chuckle at my naivety. I have to admit; I spent about 3 years around this brotherhood of bizarre individuals before I felt I could navigate among them without having my jaw drop every ten minutes.

However, now that I’ve spent over twenty-five years in club houses and homes of many hard core bikers it’s pretty hard to make me snap – but then there’s Country. When Country started writing his trilogy of books titled Evolution of an Outlaw Biker 1-2-3, I found my mouth (once again) wide open.

Country shares snippets of his books with us once in a while and my readers have enjoyed them. In Country’s third book, he gives us hard facts about federal penitentiaries, and gives interesting insight into its workings. Here’s an example:

This book is going to be too long as it is so I will jump to being taken to the Bossier Parish P-farm (Penal-farm). Besides me, there were 4 other white Federal prisoners. We were the only whites there. There were fights every couple hours.

The guards’ favorite thing was for two of them to grab each arm and another choke you down from the back until you passed out. I saw one inmate get it because while on the phone his bonds man asked why his bond had been dropped from $2500 to $500. He answered that the office had made a mistake – Which it did.

Here they came!

Country’s books are available on and Nook.

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