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Biker Cancer Benefit for Kevin Byers

Kevin is a Christian biker that has been battling cancer and people from Freedom Christian Fellowship (RIP) and DVO Ministries held a huge Garage Sale this past Saturday. Snoopy, Brian and I pitched in to assemble the beef brisket and pork, bar-b-q chicken, potato salad and beans. The church band played their rock music - the kind they used to drink to when they frequented bars. However, they've re-written the lyrics to tell their stories of how Jesus cleaned them up and set them on a straight path.

Biker Cancer Benefit for Kevin

Make sure you see all the pictures in this interesting slide-show. Take special notice of Kevin’s ‘special leg’. You’ve got to admit, if you lose a leg and you’re already into tattoos, like Kevin was, why not add some art to your prosthetic leg? It sounds logical to me.

When talking to citizens (non bikers), I always point out the fact that outlaw bikers are always looking for ways to make ‘citizens snap’ and I think Kevin gets kudos with his special leg.

One other thing you will notice in the slide show is Kevin’s T-shirt that says “KEEP CALM and TRUST GOD”. This message is to remind friends and fellow Christians that fear and trust are polar opposites and the Bible constantly tells us to pray a prayer of ‘faith’. Someone once told me that when you’re struggling with fear, keep your mouth shut and get in the Bible. Read the words of Jesus’ – just keep reading until faith starts rising up in your spirit! That’s when you’re ready to pray. Basically, that’s what Kevin’s shirt is saying.

Bikers and church people came from everywhere, assembling in the parking lot of Above and Beyond Church (11131 Ferguson Rd, Dallas, TX 75228) parking lot and grassy field. Scorpion’s MC Chaplain, Zig Zag and his wife Susan, pastor DVO Ministries. Above and Beyond Church share their facility with this ‘missionary’ church of bikers.

Outlaw bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts, the sex industry and prisons have been referred to as ‘threshold’ ministries for many years. Christian churches have always sent missionaries all over the world ever since their inception. However, just like you step over the threshold of your front door to go out into the world, the churches were stepping over factions of these ‘alien cultures’ that were living right around the corner or just outside of town.

People like Kevin and his group are missionaries to people that ‘straight citizens’ fear. You know the ones that lock their car door when a biker stops beside them at a red light?

Ooops! Was that you I just described? That’s OK, they’re used to it and they’re chuckling inside all that black leather when you do it.

To help Kevin's fight, please go to his web site HERE.

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