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Biker book trilogy "Evolution of an Outlaw Biker"

Biker stories

With today’s article I will have published my 300th article about the Motorcycle Lifestyle. A huge contributor to my articles is a Scorpion MC member, South Dallas Chapter.

I have always been able to tap my husband’s brain to confirm technical details about the outlaw biker culture, but once in a while, he’ll say “Check it out with Country before you publish anything.

So it’s very apropos for me to say a great big “Thank you Country!”

Today’s story was taken from Volume 3 of his trilogy of “Evolution of an Outlaw Biker”. When Country did time in Federal Prison, he rubbed shoulders with a lot of political people that we’ve all heard about on our national news. And believe me, some of them are jaw droppers.

Sit back and enjoy today’s episode:

The guards would bring in the inmates from the hole and let them shower in our showers. One saw me reading a Flying magazine and began striking up a conversation with me, saying he was a pilot too and we would swap magazines.

Later he brought me a clip off the internet showing him testifying in court against one of Clinton's top aides about them being involved in the guns for drugs to the Contras. (Vol. #1). I remembered when this happened. He had been one of Barry Seal’s co-pilots.

For those too young to remember, Barry was one of the drug runners that got caught and was put to work hauling the dope and guns for the CIA, DEA, etc.. They used him up and set him up and the Colombians killed him. There was a movie made about it years later.

Well, like the saying goes, I was born at night, but not last night. The Feds had always thought I had hauled dope in my rental plane. Never did. As a matter of fact during my bond hearing the prosecutor told the judge, “Don’t bond him; he is a flight risk.”

The judge asked him why he thought that.

His answer was, “Well, your honor, he is a pilot.” Everyone, even the judge fell out over that.

Getting back to the inmate pilot, he gave me his outside phone number and said, “When we get out, maybe we can go flying sometime.”

Yeah, right. As soon as he walked out, I shredded the number and threw it in the trash can.

Country’s Volume 3 can be obtained online from Kindle and Nook.

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