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Bike to Work Week

This week is Bike to Work Week in Des Moines, and people are pedaling in force.

As a way to get in shape, conserve energy and stand up for cleaner air, biking to work (or anywhere for that matter) can also be an opportunity for a spiritual connection.

This time of year is perfect to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells around you. On your bike, you won’t find yourself distracted by changing radio stations, checking yourself out in the rearview mirror or digging through your backseat to find your missing Chapstick. Instead, you can enjoy the beauty that is spring in Iowa.

If your route to work is on main streets, take a detour on your way home. Zig-zag down side streets, find a park or bike path. Let the crisp spring air invigorate you, and enjoy the sun pressing its warmth against your skin. Even beyond this week, consider riding your bike to work in the coming months, or more frequently if that isn’t an option.

With summer just around the corner, we must take advantage of the beautiful weather and the connection we have with God in creation. And, we must do our part to take care of creation by biking or walking when possible, and carpooling when given the opportunity. Not only is it good for the environment, it is good for you, too.


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