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Bike the Bay ride takes its course

San Diegans ride for the best bicycling roads San Diego can have.
San Diegans ride for the best bicycling roads San Diego can have.
San Diego Bicycle Coalition; Adam Benjamin (cropped picture)

Open road for bicycling in San Diego kept local bicyclists rolling over the Coronado Bridge during Sunday's 7th annual Bike the Bay community ride event. Cyclists who took their places on eastbound lanes outside the Sunday bridge traffic did not stop the 25 mile ride until they rode south down around the bay, and, back up the shore to Embarcadero Marina Park South.

The same place, at the foot of Marina Park Way, the event run by the Sa Diego County Bicycle Coalition started. Early morning, starting at 5:30 am, rider showed up to register to ride the event held to make local San DIegans aware regular bicycling is a part of an active healthy life in San Diego. Riding stays an open opportunity every day, to get to any destination, the coalition says.

Safe trips on the shared roads cyclists take for transportation to work and home, and for recreation, the city owes to locals, the coalition says, can stay local standard trips. In a fully connected bicycling San Diego, there are no doubts bicyclists can ride "wherever and whenever they want."

The lone riders, families, and corporate teams who bicycled Glorietta Bay Road in Coronado through the Bayshore Bikeway, on Sunday, took their opportunity to ride, 7 am to 10 am, a scenic bay route the cars come and go all day. Over the Coronado Bridge, the safe ride was a no stop and stand ride. No taking in the view for a photo. Rest stops came up the route on Silver Strand bike path on the island, at Glorietta Bay Park. And, along the Bayshore Bikeway in Imperial Beach, at 13th Street, and in Nationalo City, at Pier 32.

Helmets required the whole way. No lone riders under 12 years old. The high road over the Coronado Bridge kept safe by the race officials, with the help of Coronado officers and other law enforcement officers.

Riders practicing responsible riding along the path went up through the Chula Vista marina, before passing through National City, and riding north back up Harbor Drive to the embarcadero. Event money went to the SanDiego COunty Bicycle Coaltion to fund its ongoing work on upgrading San Diego's bicycling roads.

People power drove the bicyclists along the August open road.

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