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Bike sharing program SunCycles kicks off in Orlando

Renting a bicycle to ride around the Orlando Metro area will soon be as easy as a few clicks on a smart phone, computer or on-site keypad thanks to three recent Rollins College graduates who are developing the Orlando's first bike-sharing program, SunCycles.

Rollins College 2013 graduates, Peter Martinez, Robert Soviero and Sarah Elbadri, founded SunCycles to help people get around the city, reduce their carbon footprint and better their health. Choosing to ride a bike rather than drive a vehicle helps relieve traffic congestion, reduces carbon emissions and dependence upon fossil fuels, reduces the need for more parking spaces and helps the rider strengthen muscles and boost the cardiovascular system.

The SunCycles project is operated by CycleHop, a company that pioneered bike sharing, bicycle commuting and active tourism. Well established, CycleHop has operated bicycle rental fleets in urban cities for 20 years and catered to millions of consumers.

In the first phase of development, SunCycles will provide 200 bicycles that will be distributed for pickup at 20 hub stations. The long-range goal is to provide 1,000 bicycles and 100 hub stations all around the Greater Orlando area with specific interest along the SunRail line to provide a transportation option for SunRail commuters. They plan to expand the service around Winter Park and International Drive, as well.

Bicycles can be rented by the hour ($5/hour), monthly ($30 for one hour/day), yearly ($79 for one hour/day) and yearly founding ($99 includes limited-edition t-shirt and key card, and gift cards from businesses). Each additional 1/2 hour costs members $2.50 and the daily maximum charge is $25.00.

The results of a recent survey by Capital Bikeshare, operating in Washington D.C. and Virginia, revealed 83% of respondents would likely frequent a business if a bike share station were located nearby. This is good news for Orlando businesses looking to attract customers. For a small investment to host a bike share station, businesses will increase visibility and be included on system maps, websites and mobile applications.

For more information about SunCycles visit their website.

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