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Bike riding....A great cardio workout!


Bend Oregon is one of those towns where almost everyone has a bike and rides it. Oregon as a whole really is a bike loving state. However, if you don’t already have a bike and are shopping around for one, Hutch’s Bicycles is the place to go.

Hutch's Bicycles
Katrina Curry

Hutch’s was originally opened back in 1927 in Eugene, Oregon and Earl Hutchinson was the original owner who you might’ve guessed, went by Hutch. Later on after that, his son took over the store in 1960 and changed the name to what you now know as Hutch’s Bicycle Store. Bill—Earl’s son—had opened a new store in Springfield, Oregon but had given ownership to Jim Lewis who was an extremely hard worker for Hutch’s. Jim now owns the two Hutch’s in Bend plus the Rack-N-Roll on NE Hawthorne Street next to the Hutch’s Bicycles on 3rd.

Hutch’s Bicycles are all over Oregon with locations in Bend, Redmond, Klamath Falls and Eugene. While you may not necessarily be looking to purchase a bike from them, stop in to just browse. Window shopping there is fun and their sales associates will help you with any questions you might have with regards to bikes or accessories. If you are thinking of purchasing a bike from them, they offer the major brands such as, Giant, Cannondale, Specialized, Redline, Norco, Electra and Haro—which is their BMX line. They’re also the first Oakley carrier in Bend, Oregon! If you aren’t ready to make a commitment, they also offer rentals starting at just $25.00 for 24 hours and going up to $55.00 for 24 hours. This opportunity allows for you to decide what feels right and works best for you and the type of biking you plan on participating in.

Hutch’s also does what they can to support the community. On July 13th, Hutch’s and 10 Barrel Brewing Co. hosted what was called the Blitz to the Barrel. It was a mountain bike race that was for the more professional bikers in Bend, Oregon. They may be hosting a women’s version on Tuesday the 27th of July, but according to 10 Barrel Brew Pub, the date just needs to be confirmed. If the event is hosted, it is mainly for women who were invited to race in the super D pro mountain biking race. The event will start at Winoga Snow Park in Bend, Oregon and end at the 10 Barrel Brew Pub located at 1135 NW Galveston Bldg A. Check out 10 Barrel Brew Pubs facebook page to confirm that they will be doing event that day. If so, go on down there if you can make it and show your support to the women bicyclists! If you’re a competitor, be sure to take your bike to Hutch’s for a tune up so that you’re ready to go!

Hutch’s information:
Bend Eastside- 541-382-6248 – 820 NE 3rd St.
Bend Westside- 541-382-9253 – 725 NW Columbia St.
Klamath Falls- 541-850-2453 – 808 Klamath Ave.
Eugene- 541-345-7521 – 960 Charnelton St.
Or, check out their website at

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