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Bike month

The work travel bike of a UF employee
The work travel bike of a UF employee
Lenaire Jean-Baptiste

As it stands, there is a month or day for just about everything. Some of these months consist of:

  • January, Oatmeal Month
  • February, Pull Your Sofa Off of the Wall Month
  • March, Caffeine Awareness Month, Natl (Starbucks must have not done well in sales)
  • April, Donate Life Month, Natl
  • October, Raptor Month
  • December, Tie Month, Natl

There are indeed many appreciations for every month. So you should trade out four wheels for two because May 2010 is Bike Month.

All are encouraged this to join the Bike-to-Work Week 2010 from May 17-21 and Bike-to-Work Day on Friday, May 21. You can actually fashion your own Biking events during the month and there is a step by step guide available.

You can also visit a website with information for events posted in every state.  There are many benefits to biking to work.  It however, isn't always an easy task and takes a little effort.  The effort is well worth it.  You might even lose those filet mignons (love handles) with time.  "I thought of that while riding my bicycle. - Albert Einstein on the theory of relativity".

For more info: Visit the above links and stop by your local bike shop.


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