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Bike, hike, and roses: Bon Air Memorial Rose Garden

Hiking and biking to see the roses and gardens in Arlington County, Virginia
Hiking and biking to see the roses and gardens in Arlington County, Virginia
James George

First, I headed down Custis Trail and there was a continuous stream of bicyclists today. There must have been a local rally. All ages and all types of bikes are going by as we hiked to Bon Air Park.

Here they come
James George

Blue Jays are feeding their young. Squirrels are eating mulberries. Flowers of all sorts are showing up in yards, as well as well kept gardens. This will be a good year for fruit trees as it has already for cherries.

All of those roses come from somewhere, and it is typically from a cutting, planted in specially prepared soil. Today, the Arlington Rose Foundation members and participants from Arlington County gardeners were on hand preparing packages of cuttings that was billed as a “rose rooting demonstration”. Pam Powers was on hand, among others, including Master Gardeners.

The organization provided tips for successful rooting of roses:

  1. Select a rose stem that has just finished blooming
  2. Remove the bloom and foliage but the top two leaf sets
  3. Wound the bottom of the rose stem
  4. Dip the stem in rooting hormone and shake off excess
  5. Use 50:50 blend of potting soil and perlite
  6. Keep the soil moist but not sitting in water
  7. Label the pot with date started and name of rose
  8. Keep covered in bag, bottle, or mixing box
  9. Provide plenty of filtered sunlight
  10. Wait six to eight weeks for roots to develop

They also suggest being mindful of patent laws.

For more information go to: www.

Arlington neighborhoods look great, whether they are old cottages, high rise apartments, or urban centers. Hikers and bikers are everywhere.

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