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Bigtalkahh is heavy metal

Photo: Amy Nachbar

Bigtalkahh is a Boston based original heavy metal rock band who released their first CD in 2013 entitled, "Bootleg"and held the number one slot for two songs on the album, "To Live Again" and "In Our Dreams" on streaming internet radio in the UK.

Stephen Dionne
Provided by the artist.

A new EP is on the horizon for the band and it is entitled "Flames are the New Black." The band has just released the newest track, "Waiting For Your Call." Check it out on YouTube:

In 2013 and again in 2014 Bigtalkahh took home many awards from Song of the Year to Live Act of the Year. The band is Stephen Dionne on guitar and vocals, Frankie Perron on bass and vocals and Andy K. on drums.

Examiner sat down with the band to find out more.

Examiner: You've all been in other bands over the years, how did this band come together?

Dionne: "The band formed in late 2009 from Frank Perron's prior connection and work with myself in the Michaels Messina Band and Andy K who played with a popular North Shore band named Sparky Lane. I had never worked with Andy K. before. Perron had laid the groundwork for much of our website and the beginning of what we would add music too. We eventually had a meeting, and the three of us formed Bigtalkahh."

Examiner: Where does heavy metal fit in in the Boston Music Scene?

Perron: "In my opinion, Heavy Metal is a relative term in Boston, and music in general. Bigtalkahh has been considered to be metal by some, but in all honesty, the band doesn't really consider our music to be "metal" in the modern sense. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Van Halen were once considered heavy metal bands, but they really wouldn't be considered that today."

Dionne: "I think it is also important to note that the music “Heavy Metal” was really an 80’s style that fit very well in the Boston Music Scene, and it thrived and produced a lot of great music, shows and memories during that time. In today’s market, the term “Metal” is more widely accepted, and again it is an important genre and has a solid place in Boston. As far as Bigtalkahh goes, I feel that some will consider us Metal, and others will consider us Rock, since we have roots in both, this is understandable."

Examiner: I understand Bigtalkahh has won several music awards. Can you tell us about those?

Perron: "Bigtalkahh has enjoyed several well appreciated honors along the way. Early on, the band was named one of the winners of the College Underground Radio's Discover Series for 2010. From there, a few of our tracks found their way to the UK and we're happy to say that they were very well received. Our songs, ‘To Live Again’, ‘In Our Dreams’ and ‘Love is Dead’ all reached #1 status on streaming radio there, and we love that!
Locally, the band has, with the awesome support of our friends and fans, been well represented on the Limelight Magazine Reader's Polls from the last two years. In 2013 we were awarded Metal Act of the Year, and our song ‘Only Human’ was nominated for Song of the Year. Additionally, in March of 2014, Bigtalkahh won the title of Live Act of the Year."

Examiner: Who writes your music? It's all original or do you do some covers as well?

Dionne: "We have released seven songs to date, which are all available on CD Baby and streaming on To create each song, we have a structured approach. Perron usually pens a page of lyrics, and I then write guitar oriented parts and match the words and music ideas together. I then create a demo and show it to the guys. After discussions, re-writing, experimenting with various versions and sometimes completely starting over, we arrive at a working version of the song. Once Andy K. completes his drumming, the song comes to life, and has an identity. That version then evolves many more times until we finally all agree that it represents our sound and where we want to take our music. Each song evolves over time and there are no quick fixes. We are all extremely passionate and committed to the music and product that we are creating, so our priority at this point is to be true to ourselves. We hope that over time, our friends will continue to share this with us."

Examiner: Upcoming dates over the summer?

Andy K: "Over the winter we all were very much focused on our new EP: "Flames Are The New Black" so there was not a lot of intention to wander too far from that. Work continues on the final tracks for that release, but it's time for us to air it all out again with some shows for Summer/Fall 2014, and we're working towards that now, hopefully with the support from the region's clubs and agents who can contact us at:!

For more info visit the band website at:

You can also find them on Facebook, You Tube and CD Baby

From POP Vulture interview:

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