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Biggest Loser video recap, PLUS: Cupid strikes The Biggest Loser ranch once again

March 24, 2010 - It seems love has bloomed again on The Biggest Loser ranch. This season Stephanie and Sam have become an item and even plan to live together in Los Angeles after the completion of the show.

Stephanie was attracted to Sam right away. "To see someone who genuinely is confident, it was just very attractive. His family values are huge. He's very respectful and communicative, which is hard to find in any man. He's patient, compassionate, handsome." she said.

Sam's feelings were mutual. "Steph's beautiful, regardless of whether she's overweight. I had to get to know her. The more I got to know, the more I found things about her that I really enjoyed."

You can watch the lovebirds compete to stay in the house and become the Biggest Loser Tuesday nights on NBC. Meanwhile, watch last night's two-minute video recap below to catch up on week ten and see what happened when the teams went home.