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‘Biggest Loser’ season 15 week 11 recap: Bobby’s back, but for how long?

Nothing like a good puke montage to get us up to speed on season 15 of “The Biggest Loser.” The show is back tonight with a 2-hour episode after a holiday break (hope they didn’t eat too many snickerdoodles). But that isn’t the only thing that’s back – all the eliminated contestants came back tonight for one final shot at a spot back on the ranch. Who would stay and who would go? Read on …

NASCAR driver Carl Edwards visits 'The Biggest Loser' this week.

When last we watched, Matt and Hap had fallen below the red line. They thought they were goners but when all the eliminated players marched in, Alison let everyone know that the person who had the highest percentage of weight lost will rejoin the team.

But first Matt and Hap had to battle to see who would truly be leaving. Matt beat Hap in total percentage points so Hap was going home. Now it was time to see whether the eliminated players could beat Matt’s 26 percent total weight loss.

Bobby beat Matt by a percentage point so that meant that Matt would also be leaving.

The trainers came in the “Biggest Loser” kitchen and Dolvett pulled a line from the “Saturday Night Live” sketch "The Californians" – What’re you doin’ here?” he said to Bobby.

The intensity was cranked up in the gym – this week there’s a yellow line. Two people will fall below it and one will be voted off by the remaining contestants.

Quote of the week, from David: “In this journey, I have learned – a million times I have learned – at this point I’ve got more in me.”

Hap’s update: Hap has gone from 403 pounds to 270. He’s on the road a lot for his job and eating on the run was what got him in trouble with his weight in the past. Now, he brings a portable grill with him and cooks chicken and veggies in his hotel room. That’s determination. “You can make excuses or get the job done. You can’t do both,” he said.

The challenge: Uphill all the way, with sand and kettlebells – fun! The kettlebells are buried in the sand and one of them is golden. First player to get 10 kettlebells up the hill wins, and that golden bell is worth 5 kettlebells. The winner gets $25,000 of home-gym equipment from Planet Fitness. The person who comes in last gets a 1-pound disadvantage at the weigh-in. Jay came up with a great strategy – knock over all the kettlebells on his way up the hill, and if he can’t find the golden one, he’ll use those kettlebells at the top of the hill so he won’t have to go as far back down. Smart! Marie was the “golden girl” and that brought her much closer to finishing. Jay won the challenge and Bobby and Tanya were the last two left. It was close and they were both worn out but Tanya came in last.

Special guest: Abby Rike from season 8 came by to inspire the contestants. She’s doing great – the now-motivational speaker has been married for 2 years and after a back injury has recharged her weight loss goals.

And another special guest: Dolvett brought the contestants to Irwindale Speedway to meet NASCAR driver Carl Edwards (who drives the Subway car – synergy!). Carl showed them his NASCAR workout, which consists of speedway steps and laps around the track without the car.

Ever tear up watching someone try on jeans? Rachel’s mom sent her a box with a pair of size 8 jeans. She tried them on and they fit.

The scenes in the Last-Chance Workout really showed off how far the contestants have come, both in weight loss and in their fitness. They were cranking on those treadmills and ellipticals.

Matt’s update: Matt started the show at 356 pounds and now he weighs 240. He and his fiancée are in wedding-planning mode and the tuxedo he had planned on wearing is now six sizes too big.

Weigh-in: There’s a yellow line for the first time tonight, so everyone’s extra nervous – especially Tanya, who is at a 1-pound disadvantage. How’d they do?

  • Tanya: 3 (but she made it to One-derland)
  • Bobby: 7 (104 pounds total!)
  • David: 12 (two weeks in a row of 12-pound losses – crazy!)
  • Chelsea: 6
  • Rachel: 6 (do you sense that she could win it all?)
  • Jennifer: 6
  • Jay: 4 (the guy looks like he’s at goal already)
  • Marie: 4
  • Tumi: 4

Elimination: That puts Tumi and Tanya below the yellow line. They don’t do that elimination room silver platter thing anymore – it’s a more discreet way of voting where the players go into a private booth to vote. It came down to who needed to stay and who was a bigger threat, and because of that, Tumi was sent home. She took the news graciously and couldn’t wait to get back to her fiancé. We’ll get to see what Tumi looks like now next week.

Next week: The finale is only a month away and the contestants need to train for their triathlon. Alison told them they’ll be heading to the Olympic training facility in Park City, Utah, next week. But what the heck happens on the scale? It looks crazy.

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