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'Biggest Loser' season 15: Contestants' before and after transformations

While America was weighing in today on social media over "Biggest Loser" season 15 winner Rachel Frederickson and her 155-pound weight loss, there were 14 other people on the show who also lost massive amounts of weight and put their new selves on display Tuesday night. But no one's weight loss was as widely discussed as Rachel's.

Winner Rachel Frederickson.
Winner Rachel Frederickson.

Dr. Mehmet Oz was on "Access Hollywood Live" today and was asked about Frederickson’s weight loss.

“The concern is not now but what happens in three months,” he said and added that whenever he sees "Biggest Loser" contestants peel off weight that quickly, he worries that the loss won't be sustainable in the long run. “The problem is regaining the weight,” Oz said. “Yo-yo dieting is so incredibly detrimental to the body because we gain fat but we lose muscle.”

Frederickson, who is 5-foot-5 and now 105 pounds, was also on the show today and the former competitive swimmer addressed the controversy over her dramatic weight loss.

“Little by little, challenge by challenge, that athlete came out,” she said, “and it sparked inside me the feeling that I can do anything and I can succeed.” She added that she would continue to “keep finding my balance and continue to move forward in this healthy lifestyle.”

Want to see Rachel’s transformation and that of her “Biggest Loser” season 15 teammates? Go to the slideshow and check out their before and after transformations.

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