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‘Biggest Loser’ recap: Trainers hold all the power, choose their biggest losers

Joe Mitchell's before photo, "The Biggest Loser" season 13
Joe Mitchell's before photo, "The Biggest Loser" season 13

The “Biggest Loser” season 12 trainers held all of the power on Wednesday’s episode, as each was forced to choose the person they thought was their biggest loser of the week and only the chosen person’s weight would count for the week. It was a new twist for the series, and a tough choose for all of the trainers. Obviously, they don’t want any of their players to go home, but they can’t just focus on the player they want to weigh in for the team, as that would only hurt the trainers’ other players. Early in the week, the trainers explained to viewers their reasons for choosing each of their players, and all of the reasons were valid; but the fact that so many players have been up and down with large and small weight losses would make anyone nervous. It seems to be this season that even the biggest players can have a huge weight loss one week and practically no weight loss the next.

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The trainers had the entire week to make their decision. Bob Harper chose Becky, Anna Kournikova chose Joe, and Dolvett Quince chose John. Although the players knew ahead of time that only one person’s weight would count for each team, it was probably the best idea to not reveal said person until right before they stepped on the scale. Talk about pressure!

After everyone had weighed in, those whose weights actually counted stepped on the scale, and surprising results were revealed. Becky was the week’s top loser, losing nearly three percent before the one-pound advantage her team had won earlier in the week. Joe lost the least amount of weight based on percentage, landing his team in the elimination room. Joe only lost two pounds, which is surprising to hear until you remember that he lost 15 pounds last week. Joe was devastated by the loss, but that couldn’t compare to being ousted by people he thought he could trust, people he felt were his friends. Since leaving the ranch, Joe Mitchell has continued losing weight and is happy to no longer be kept from riding roller coasters with his daughter due to his weight.

Week eight

The only challenge of week eight was a low-calorie cooking competition, with season 11 winner Olivia Ward and The Biggest Loser cookbooks author Devin Alexander as the judges. The contestants were given a group of ingredients and a 30-minute time limit. The fun thing about this challenge was that the trainers were part of the team, which you never see. All of the dishes sounded and looked delicious – and were things anyone could make – but the judges’ favorite was pork medallions with Asian slaw. The dish, which the judges loved the taste of as well as how much they were allowed to eat without adding excess calories, was created by Black. Their reward was a sit-down conversation with Olivia and a one-pound advantage at the weigh in; the team’s recipe will also be featured in the next Biggest Loser cookbook.

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Black team, trained by Bob

  • Antone Davis – lost 5 lbs / total loss = 99 lbs
  • Vinny Hickerson – lost 10 lbs / total loss = 81 lbs
  • Becky Comet – lost 6 lbs / total loss = 52 lbs

Red team, trained by Anna

  • Ramon Medeiros – lost 6 lbs / total loss = 75 lbs
  • Joe Mitchell – lost 2 lbs / total loss = 54 lbs
  • Sunny Sinclair – lost 2 lbs / total loss = 79 lbs

Red team, trained by Dolvett

  • Bonnie Griffin – lost 8 lbs / total loss = 41 lbs
  • John Rhode – lost 10 lbs / total loss = 126 lbs

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