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‘Biggest Loser’ 13 premiere: 20 new players try to shed pounds and excuses

"The Biggest Loser: No Excuses" cast (season 13)
"The Biggest Loser: No Excuses" cast (season 13)
NBC/Chris Haston

Season 13 of “The Biggest Loser” premiered Tuesday, with 20 new players arriving at the ranch to shed pounds and excuses in a season appropriately titled No Excuses. No Excuses is a theme the show should’ve tackled a long time ago because it is one of the most relatable. I can’t relate to a woman who gained weight after losing her husband and her children in a car accident, but I can relate to the man who says he lives off the phrase, “There’s always tomorrrrow.”

With all excuses out the door, the journey toward shedding the pounds began immediately. The players were notified of a three-part challenge that would earn them their spot inside the doors of the ranch; however, they were warned the team that finished last would not be staying. Part one was a 40-yard dash, with the first four people to finish automatically earning a spot for themselves and their teammate. The six remaining teams competed in a second 40-yeard dash, this time with a puzzle at the end of the road. The first four players to finish secured spots on the ranch for themselves and their teammates. The third heat was competed by only two teams – Daphne and Adrian, and Kim and Emily. The challenge sounded simple – stand on a barrel longer than the other team – but it was probably a big eye opener to those two teams about the work that really needed to be done. It was only the balls of their feet on the barrel, and the minute they started their legs were shaking. This challenge was more mental than physical, and in the end, Daphne stepped out of the designated box, sending her and her brother, Adrian, home.

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The next day the 18 remaining contestants met trainers Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince and were introduced to the Biggest Loser gym. Fans of the show will remember Dolvett from last season, which was his first season, as well as notice no Anna Kournikova in the gym, as she announced before the end of the previous season she would not return for a second season.

Oh, the first workout; one of the players said it best when he called it a war zone. Just because Jillian isn’t around doesn’t mean things are quiet; in fact I’m starting to think Dolvett could be the new Jillian – which would make him a keeper for the show. There was sweat, tears and Santa (aka Roy) collapsed! He was OK, but it was scary for everyone; it was a reality check. Roy’s fall wasn’t the only reality check, though; even scarier was Ben collapsing and not being able to tell people who Bob was or what state he was in. He had a very glossy look on his face, wasn’t blinking and looked incredibly confused.

For the players, however, there was probably nothing scary than being told they were being split up. They came onto the ranch in teams of two, but by the end of the first workout they were being forced to split up and each choose either Bob or Dolvett. Some players were happy because they were split on with whom they wanted to train, while other teams were nothing less than pissed, as they felt they came on the ranch as a duo for a reason.

When it came time for the weigh in, the numbers were, well, less than impressive for the first week, even Bob noticed it. There were a few standouts – Buddy and Roy – but there were a lot more single digits than in past seasons. Dolvett’s Red team won the weigh in, leaving Bob’s Black team to send one person home. And while Ben Shuh was the player that went home, he was not sent home by his team – he was sent home by himself. During the team meeting, the team refused to send someone who had lost 15 pounds home; but per usual they did eventually give in to his request – although it was noticeably painful for the team to write his name down.

Since leave the ranch, Ben Shuh, 34 of Howell, Mich., has lost 50 pounds. He has no regret about leaving the ranch for his family, and he now involves his family in workouts, physical activities and eating healthy. Ben’s goal for the finale is to have lost 150 pounds.

Weigh in, week one

Bob’s team (Black)

  • Chism – lost 12 lbs
  • Cassandra – lost 14 lbs
  • Christine – lost 8 lbs
  • Emily – lost 10 lbs
  • Gail – lost 9 lbs
  • Jeremy – lost 13 lbs
  • Joe – lost 15 lbs
  • Megan – lost 7 lbs

Dolvett’s team (Red)

  • Buddy – lost 22 lbs
  • Conda – lost 9 lbs
  • Kim – lost 13 lbs
  • Kimmy – lost 9 lbs
  • Lauren – lost 9 lbs
  • Mark – lost 9 lbs
  • Mike – lost 13 lbs
  • Nancy – lost 5 lbs
  • Roy – lost 14 lbs

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