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‘Biggest Loser’ 12 recap: Players compete in pentathlon for immunity

Bonnie Griffin's before photo, "The Biggest Loser" season 12
Bonnie Griffin's before photo, "The Biggest Loser" season 12

The “Biggest Loser” season 12 players competed in a pentathlon for immunity on Tuesday’s episode – as individuals. That’s right, the teams have been dissolved. No longer will a player’s fate depend on other players’ weight loss, or gain. No longer will players be scared they couldn’t completely control their own destiny. It’s all about individuals now.

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Of course, in the game of “Biggest Loser” with a positive always comes a negative. This week, there were two negatives: the introduction of the yellow line and the news that the person who scored the least amount of points in the pentathlon would be penalized with an extra pound at the weigh in. This far in the game, it doesn’t get any worse!

Week nine

The first challenge of the pentathlon forced the players to rank their fellow losers based on how much they believe someone should win the entire game. Obviously, it was a popularity contest and really showed who people were afraid of in the game. Only John’s reasoning for his rank was valid, as he chose highest weight loss to lowest, which realistically is how a winner is determined.

The next three challengers were: players trying to oust each other by covering one another’s pegs; a nutrition trivia game; and a pool race that included a giant peanut-like float and ropes above head. The winners of these three challengers were Sunny, Antone and Sunny again, respectively; while the losers of the challenges were Ramon, Sunny and Bonnie, respectively.

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The players were given extra motivation and a dash of inspiration prior to their final pentathlon challenge. U.S. Olympic speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno stopped by the ranch with Subway and some words of wisdom. Even I felt motivated by Apolo’s story to get up and move! Apolo wasn’t just there to preach, though; he was also there to participate in and encourage the players during their final challenge – a one-mile run. Bonnie was the most worried about the run, and actually said she’d be happy to just take the one-pound advantage, while the other players were pumped. Ramon was the first to cross the finish line, but earning top points in the final event wasn’t enough to secure him immunity. That reward went to Atone. Unfortunately, with the reward also came the disadvantage – the extra pound – which went to Bonnie.

And while Bonnie Griffin lost an impressive five pounds at the week’s weigh in, she was eliminated from the competition. Originally, she wanted nothing more than to stick around, but when she fell below the yellow line with her best friend Becky, she knew it was time for her to go home and start the next chapter of her life. Since leaving the ranch, Bonnie has lost an additional 22 pounds, bringing her weight loss total to – so far – to 68 pounds. Bonnie’s goal is to be 160 pounds at the finale.

Black team, trained by Bob

  • Antone Davis – lost 9 lbs / total loss = 108 lbs
  • Vinny Hickerson – lost 10 lbs / total loss = 91 lbs
  • Becky Comet – lost 4 lbs / total loss = 56 lbs

Red team, trained by Anna

  • Ramon Medeiros – lost 7 lbs / total loss = 82 lbs
  • Sunny Sinclair – lost 9 lbs / total loss = 88 lbs

Red team, trained by Dolvett

  • Bonnie Griffin – lost 5 lbs / total loss = 46 lbs
  • John Rhode – lost 9 lbs / total loss = 135 lbs

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