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‘Biggest Loser’ 12 recap: Courtney and Sunny go home – only one for good, though

Courtney Rainville, "The Biggest Loser" season 12
Courtney Rainville, "The Biggest Loser" season 12

Courtney Rainville and Sunny Sinclair went home on Tuesday’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” – but only one player went home for good.

Courtney was eliminated after the week’s weigh in. Her loss was in line with those of her teammates, but she had been on their radar for a few weeks. She fought like hell to stay in the competition, but the team chose to keep send her home; and although they made it seem as if she was sent home for not having the most in-jeopardy health, it sounded a little as if some players, namely Vinny, didn’t feel Courtney was a team player. Since leaving the ranch, Courtney has lost an additional 29 pounds, bringing her total weight loss to 65 pounds.

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Sunny, on the other hand, went home for only one week. She won the opportunity and was able to take trainer Bob Harper with her, which led to a shocking outcome.

Week five

At the beginning of week five the players were gathered for some big news: one of them was going home for one week. Of course, everyone was ecstatic at the thought of getting to see their friends and family after a month away, and the deal became even sweeter when they learned they would take their trainer with them and would have immunity at the week’s weigh in. It seemed like the best deal the “Biggest Loser” has ever offered, but there was a catch – a big one! That player’s weight was the only weight that would count for his/her team for the week. Talk about pressure! I mean, as if being home isn’t difficult enough, with all the temptations and distractions, the fate of your team in your hands would rock anyone’s week. The player sent home was Sunny –chosen at random by a Plinko-style board. Sunny was jumping up and down with excitement when she saw she was the one going home, but her Bob put it end to that fairly quick. Basically, he tore her a new one in front of everyone else for thinking, for even one second, that going home was a reward. He warned her it would be all work. It definitely put extra pressure on Sunny, who said she had every intention of showing Bob she could handle being home.

And boy did she show him! Not all home experiences on “Biggest Loser” are positive experiences; most players struggle with incorporating their new lifestyle into their old one. But Sunny rocked it, and Bob saw from day one that was going to happen. He saw her strong support system and saw her family was not going to let her family. She worked out just as hard as, if not harder than, she would’ve at the ranch, and not even eating out with her family slowed her down – although, the family wasn’t thrilled with chicken breast and extra-lean brisket at their local barbecue joint. It paid off in the end, though, as Sunny lost 14 pounds – a huge number for an at-home player! Obviously, the right person went home, but it makes one wonder if she won’t be a target from this point forward, as she has already shown she can do it at home.

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The players left at the ranch competed in a physical challenge that required concentration and balance. The players had to carry glasses of orange soda to a cylinder with a line; the first team to cross their line wins. That first team was Red, and each player was awarded a “Biggest Loser” ranch trip for a loved one.

Under 30 / Red Team, trained by Dolvett Quince

  • Vinny Hickerson – lost 10 lbs / total loss = 54 lbs
  • Jessica Limpert – lost 6 lbs / total loss = 41 lbs
  • Ramon Medeiros – lost 7 lbs / total loss = 51 lbs
  • Courtney Rainville – lost 6 lbs / total loss = 39 lbs

30 – 49 / Black Team, trained by Bob Harper

  • Antone Davis – lost 4 lbs / total loss = 70 lbs
  • Joe Mitchell – lost 7 lbs / total loss = 54 lbs
  • John Rhode – lost 12 lbs / total loss = 91 lbs
  • Jennifer Rumple – lost 8 lbs / total loss = 56 lbs
  • Sunny Sinclair – lost 14 lbs / total loss = 50 lbs

50 and Over / Blue Team, trained by Anna Kournikova

  • Becky Comet – lost 8 lbs / total loss = 34 lbs
  • Bonnie Griffin – lost 4 lbs / total loss = 25 lbs

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